The Purpose Of Insulin

mm Posted By Dr. Sean Stringer on 06/14/2015

article2.jpgAmericans are facing a Type 2 Diabetes epidemic.

Not only have many of us have grown obese, our children are losing the battle of the waistline. What used to be reserved for adults as they grew older, is now afflicting our children at an alarming rate.

In the past 15 years, Type 2 Diabetes has increased more than 100 percent in many states. The traditional approaches are not working and once you get diabetes, it usually only keeps getting worse. It is one of the most insidious diseases because it creates so many complications which require even more medications, not just insulin to treat the diabetes.

Most of us believe that insulin lowers blood sugar but that is a side benefit, not its purpose.

Insulin’s REAL Purpose is to take extra glucose (sugar) and store it as the body’s best fuel source for future use. That preferred fuel source is FAT (it stores fat after a very small amount is first stored as glycogen).

Now, we all understand why eating high-sugar foods, such as ice cream and chocolate cake, makes us fat.

But here is what happens when we eat foods that make us fat. If the body is about to turn the sugar into fat you will not become diabetic. However, once your body can no longer process sugar into fat, that is when you become diabetic.

If you already diabetic, you now understand why it is so hard and nearly impossible for diabetics to lose weight and why insulin is one of the top 3 fat storing hormones.

But you don’t have to suffer any longer.

NutriMost Sarasota’s NRF Technology analyzes almost factor involved in balancing Blood Glucose, Insulin, Leptin, Glucose Metabolism, Blood Glucose Sensitivity, Glucose Utilization, as well as Fat Burning, Fat Storage and Fat Metabolism. This technology has given us the ability to quickly and efficiently help the body change all of this around.

What sets NutriMost Resonant Frequency (NRF) Technology apart from the traditional approach is that we don’t treat the diabetes. Instead, we determine what the body needs after analyzing the factors concerning how your body can overcome and correct diabetes. That is what makes NRF Technology is “The MOST Powerful Technology for a BETTER Life”.

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