NRF Technology

mm Posted By Dr. Sean Stringer on 06/17/2015

slide3.jpgThe revolutionary breakthrough that enables people to lose 20-40 pounds in just 40 days is the NutriMost Resonant Frequency Technology (NRF) which lets the body communicate its needs without any guess work.

By utilizing the galvanic skin response, the NutriMost Resonant Frequency Technology sends specific messages to the body and monitors the physiochemical response. By comparing the results to the baseline it allows us to determine biological preferences, biomarkers that are out of range, and areas in which the body may be weak or imbalanced.

Dr. Ray Wisniewski is the certified author for NRF who has written four of the most advanced scans ever developed. Dr. Wisniewski is known worldwide at THE Weight Loss Answerman. His 30-plus years of clinical experience gave him the insights to write the Nutrimost Ultimate Fat Loss System. It took him months to create the specific bio-survey and analysis that is used by the NRF scan. This technological discovery allows us to accurately analyze the more than 400 million communications that occur per second within the body.

How can this information help? It creates a hormonal blueprint that allows us to design a master plan you need to follow to bring your body into an optimal state of fat burning and health. This technology allows us to measure, assist and kick-start the body’s own healing ability. Because this technology is so revolutionary, it is able to determine hormone imbalances, organ function weakness, and MUCH MORE!

You no longer have to take a defeatist attitude toward your excess weight. You can take charge of your health today. We can determine EXACTLY where your hormone levels are out of balance and allow you to safely lose 2040 pounds or more in only 40 days.

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