Did You Know Losing Weight Will Save You Money?

mm Posted By Dr. Sean Stringer on 06/18/2015

IMG_3472_sm.jpgPeople decide to lose weight for different reasons. Some want to get healthier. Others want to be ready for summer beach fun.

Now, there is a financial reason for the 72 million obese adults in the United States to lose to lose weight. It costs you money…a lot of money!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have researched the link between being obese and diabetes and heart disease. Obese people pay almost $1,500 more in doctor bills each year than someone who does not have a weight problem, the CDC found.

Not only does obesity increase your chances for diabetes and other health conditions, but you also spend more time in the doctor’s office and more dollars on prescription drugs.

Obesity also costs you money when you try to take life insurance since many insurance companies require you to take a physical exam. Depending on the outcome of that physical, you could be spending a fortune in premiums.

Some insurance plans look at your BMI or body mass index to determine if you will have to pay a lifestyle surcharge in addition to your regular premium. Because most people get their life insurance plans though a group policy at work, there is no way to know exactly what the insurance companies will decide to do regarding renewals and cost.

Although it may not be fair, obese women also face discrimination at the work place. “Studies have found that discrimination based on weight in the work place is more prevalent for women than men, especially white women in professional occupations,” according to Barbara O’Neill, a professor and specialist in finance resource management at Rutgers University.

Now is the time to begin your weight loss program.

To paraphrase a commercial, you can pay me now or you can pay a lot more later in higher premium costs and medical bills. It is up to you.

The NutriMost Ultimate Fat Loss System is a proven effective program that costs less per pound lost than many of the most popular weight loss programs on the market today.

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