You’re An Individual Your Weight Loss Program Should Be Too

mm Posted By Dr. Sean Stringer on 06/16/2015

article1.jpgAmericans have an image problem.

All around us we are bombarded by ads that show us what health and fitness is supposed to look. Usually it is images of ultra-thin female models and well-chiseled men.

Yet, we are a society fighting an ever expanding waist line. We are not lacking diet program options. The challenge is that all these diets are a one-size fits all proposition.

Each of us, however, is unique and so is our health. If we focus on the major weight loss program goals, we can then show you how cutting-edge NRF technology allows us to create a personalized weight loss plan just for you.

With many diets you have to count calories or points to lose weight. This is a central principle for these programs: Decrease the calories you eat daily and increase your activity level and you will see the pounds melt away. Is this true? Yes!

The two major methods traditional diet programs use to help you lose those extra pounds is limiting the number of calories you take in by specifying what foods you can eat or by sending you pre-packaged food. But here’s the catch. You will gain back the weight you lost despite which diet you used.

This is because as you decrease the calories you eat, you begin to slow down your metabolic rate because your body has less work to do. Your body needs calories to fuel it so it can burn fat, muscle, etc.

The challenge occurs after you lose those pounds.

Once, you revert back to eating a normal amount of food each day, your body can’t process those calories because your metabolic rate has slowed. Now, those calories are turned into fat.

For decades, Americans have been obsessed with calories. But they are not the key to losing weight.

Now, we know that the best way to lose fat is balancing your hormones and

neurotransmitters, detoxifying the body and balancing vitamins and minerals in a way that gets you into an incredible fat burning zone.

NRF Technology now gives us a solution to the weight dilemma. It enables you to lose weight quicker, easier, better and healthier. The NutriMost system analyzes your body’s specific deficiencies and then balances the imbalances. It also strengthens your body to reach optimal health.

There is no other weight loss program that accomplish this.

Contact us at NutriMost today and let us help you reach your goals.

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