Lose Weight, Feel Great!

With BodyMind Wellness & Weight Loss, we help you change your body, inside and out. As we work with you in correcting the imbalances in your body (hormone levels, minerals, etc) and restoring balance to your body you will be losing weight in the process. It’s completely different from any other program you’ve tried before and our results speak for themselves.

The programs works to clear out harmful toxins and balance your hormones as a result you also lose weight and fat during this process. And the best part? The results can become the new normal for you when following our guidelines and continue with your new healthy lifestyle. Following your second phase of the program, our wellness coaches will give you simple instructions so that you can maintain your new weight* in the coming months and years of your life. Our weight loss program keeps real people in mind so we can provide a program that is custom to you.

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The Nutrimost Difference

Other weight loss programs mistakenly focus almost entirely on the diet. We focus on the breakthrough technology that enables us to Turn OFF fat storage and Turn ON fat burning. It’s not your fault that it has been difficult to lose weight. Powerful chemicals in your food scramble and disrupt your hormones and neurotransmitters, making your body resistant to weight loss and exercise.

Utilizing NRF Technology, and the NutriMost Ultimate Fat Loss scan, we now have the technology to assess nearly every factor of fat burning, fat storage and fat metabolism. The assessment includes organs, hormones, neurotransmitters, vitamins, minerals, toxins, heavy metals, parasites bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, candida and biotoxins.

With this scan, we are able to create a personalized and customized plan that will address your body’s top organ stressors as well as find the best products to balance those biological stressors. All weight gain involves a hormonal component. To have lasting and permanent weight loss, we must balance and correct the body’s hormones.

The NutriMost Ultimate Fat Loss Scan has been programmed to help give your body the nutritional tools that it needs to overcome your specific imbalances and to bring your body into a very narrow hormonal range for optimum fat burning. This scan and the customized support program is the core of our exclusive 5 component Ultimate Fat Loss System and is what makes this system so unique and so effective.

By following this program, we expect to not only bring your body into the optimum fat burning zone but also balance and correct both the organ and hormonal stressors, allowing us to go beyond just weight loss to help you actively create a lifetime of health.